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I started running because of a challenge.  My friend told me about the Lupus Loop (10/2009), she said they walked it every year to support her sister who had lupus.  She suggested we try and run this 5k loop in Fairmount Park.  RUN??  Was she serious?! 3+ miles??  Well, after my pits stopped sweating from just the mere thought of running that far, I decided I was up for the challenge! 

Cut to race day… the energy and excitement coming from the crowd was infectious!  We were not just there to run or walk on a nice fall day, we were there for a cause.  We were there to give support to people and families affected by lupus.  I was overwhelmed with emotion!

We comleted the race, it was so hard and seemed so long!!  BUT we did it!  The moment I crossed that finish line I knew I was hooked and all I could think about was doing it next year even faster and raising even more money for the cause!

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