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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs:

Halloween is a fun time for children and adults alike!  With costume parties, trick or treating, and candy floating around everywhere, what starts out as great fun for us humans, can quickly turn dangerous or downright spooky for our four-legged friends.  So whether you plan to hand-out candy or throw a costume party (or both), here are a few tips to keep you and your pet safe and sane this Halloween:

  • Make sure your pet has a safe place to go:
    • Keep your pet indoors during Trick or Treating time:
      • Don’t leave them outside in the yard un-attended on Halloween—Not only can dogs be afraid of costumed children, but may be stressed out by all of the people walking through the neighborhood.  So for the safety of both your pet and the trick-or-treaters, (and your homeowners insurance policy), keep dogs inside during the brunt of any Halloween-type activities.
    • Keep dogs in room away from the front door or in their crate during trick-or treating hours.
      • Put them away ½ hour before trick or treaters are scheduled to arrive.  Remember that while you may be an animal person, not everyone is.  And beware of mischievous children who may be inclined to play pranks on pets for Devil’s Night (the night before Halloween).
        • Be especially cautious to secure your black cats inside on Halloween night and the vicinity as there have been records of black cats targeted by pranksters around this time.
      • Provide a toy or Kong filled with peanut butter to keep pups busy while the festivities are going on!
  • No candy for the fur kids!
    • Ok, I know that we dog people harp on this all the time, but candy and all forms/types of chocolate are dangerous to dogs.  Especially dark chocolate, which contains more Theobromide (the substance in chocolate which is actually toxic to dogs) than milk chocolate.   So keep it out of the reach of nosy pets!
    • And while many people know that actual people candy is not good for dogs, lots more forget that candy wrappers, foil and lollipop sticks can be choking hazards, so be cautious of those too.
  • Costume Fun!
    • While it might be fun for us to dress up, our pets may not think the same thing, so monitor your dog’s stress level and keep him/her supervised while in costume – a festive bandana could be a much more preferred option for your furry friend!
  • Candles & decorations
    • Keep candles out of your pets reach to prevent burns, singed fur and/or fires.  A festive candle on a coffee table can easily be knocked over by an exuberant tail wag!  (Trust me, I own a Golden Retriever mix. . .I know!)
    • Also be cognizant of wires, loose decorations, or small pieces which attach to your costume– to your dog these are all just new, fun chew-toys!

We at Philly Unleashed hope you and your pets have a fun & safe Howl-O-Ween!

Nicole Larocco, CPDT

Philly Unleashed Dog Training


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  1. Thanks Capri! My dog will appreciate the tips!!


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